Young Social Innovators

What is YSI?
Young Social Innovators
This programme aims to foster personal commitment to making a difference in social issues and pursuing a more equal, fair and inclusive society. It brings about an insight and involvement in local and national community issues and challenges. Fostering positive relationships with young people and the community.
This year five Transition Year students took on the issue of health and well-being. They identified their specific social issue as obesity and in particular the issue around the over consumption of refined sugars. To tackle this problem they under took a number of activities. They decided to work with the local day care centre. The aim of this was to try and build rapport with the elderly in the centre. To gain a sense of what foods meant the most to them and to discover if any recipes had a story to tell. After a series of conversations, they decided that everyone enjoys treats or desserts regardless of age or gender. This does not have to be a negative. Like with everything once it is done in moderation. Following on from this a recipe book developed. The students wrote the recipe book ‘Baking it Better’. Included in this book are all the favourite traditional recipes from the residence of the day care centre. Along with a healthier version of the same dessert that the students developed. The book then became a traditional, modern and educational book of recipes.
The overall aim of the project was to raise awareness on healthy baking and how it can be done in a simple but very tasty way. All the while, decreasing refined sugars while increasing the nutritional value of sweet treats.
The students went on to represent Colaiste Dun Iascaigh in the Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick. They were asked to show case their project in two minutes on stage. The students had a great reaction to their performance and now they eagerly await the results of their efforts