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On the second of March six students travelled to Cork for the Build A Bank regionals. The students who travelled to Cork were Ciaran Power, Samantha Lyons, Elaine Whelan, Caoimhe Quinn, Helena Walsh and Emma Quirke. They left at nine o’clock in the morning with their mascot Jerome (the skeleton). The bank name was “The Big Bank Theory” and their slogan was “The Science of Saving”. They had done a lot of work in preparation for the competition and were excited to be a part of it. When they reached the Clayton hotel where the competition was being held the first thing they did was get into their costumes (they were dressed like characters from the Big Bang Theory TV show) and then they proceeded to walk around and size up their competition and discovered many amusing pun names and students dressed as lobsters or wizards. The judges came around and asked questions about the bank. After that there was lunch (which left a weird taste in your mouth) then the results but first we had a rave. Yes. A rave. They had music blaring and lights flashing and they ordered us to dance a dance that they had taught us. There was prizes for the best dancers one of which went to a lobster the other to Thor. In total five teams got through to the nationals. Even though the Coláiste was not included, the bank members intend to continue to provide the service to the students. They had a great time at the competition and would recommend that next year’s TY’s take part.
By Samantha Lyons