School Board of Management

The Board consists of three representatives of TETB, three representatives of the Sisters of Mercy, two parents, two teachers and a representative of the minority religions, local associations, organisations and interests, if deemed necessary. The Principal has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Coláiste and is accountable to the Board of Management/ TETB for that management.

Colaiste Dun Iascaigh 2017 Board of Management Members

E.T.B. Representative: Mr. Liam Ahearn
E.T.B. Representative: Cllr. Roger Kennedy
Convent of Mercy Representative: Sr. Monica O’Sullivan
Convent of Mercy Representative: Ms. Josephine Casey
Parents’ Representative: Mr. Martin O’Donovan
Parents’ Representative: Ms. Catriona Berry
Teachers’ Representative: Mr. Patrick O’Driscoll
Teachers’ Representative: Ms. Joanne Trehy
Community Representative: Mr. Tadhg Howard
Community Representative: Mr. Jim O’Leary
Community Representative: Mr. John O’Reilly
Board Chairperson: Mr. Liam Ahearne
Board Secretary: Mr. Peter Creedon
Recording Secretary: Mr. Darius Delahunty