Colaiste Basketball Success


​Junior Boys All-Ireland Play-offs 2016
Team members: Dominic Mlynczak, Adrian Bernacki, Lukas Kairys, Patryk Goluszka, Ciarán Power, Dragosh Marginean, Patryk Kowaleski, Daniel Moga, Jack Conway, Ian Halpin, Dawid Merta, Mohammed Ismail.
On Friday the 15th of January the junior basketball team of Coláiste Dun Iascaigh competed in the All-Ireland play offs. The boys played two matches and were victorious in both intense games. Nerves were high but every single player was determined to succeed. The atmosphere was tense as both teams eyed each other during the warm up. Finally the games began. Dominic Mlynczak, Lukas Kairys, Patryk Kowaleski, Mohamed Ismail and Jack Conway started off in the first match against St. Patrick’s Navan and each player played using different strengths. Dominic scored the first two baskets impressively driving the ball up to the basket, zooming the down the court passing all defence. During the first quarter Dragosh Marginean came on, scoring instantly on inball. Patryk drove the ball to the basket throughout all four quarters. Jack scored baskets one after the other, Lukas defending the board with his life and keeping it simple. Mohamed defending, making sure the ball didn’t pass him. Half time came and the scores were 22- 15 to us. It was just a matter of keeping the score apart.
The third quarter was the deciding point for the game. Our players drove on to score 24 points alone in 8 minutes, leaving the score at the end of the third quarter 46-22. The final Quarter we took the foot off the gas and the other team were able to close the gap between the scores but not close enough to win. The final score was 54-43 and victory was ours.
The second match was against Coláiste Pobail Bheanntrai from Cork. From watching their game with St. Patricks Navan we could tell from their win that they were strong opponents. The first players to go on from our team were Patryk Kowaleski, Dragosh Marginean, Dominic Mlynczak, Jack Conway and Mohammed Ismail. Dragosh brought the ball to the board with fierce strength. Jack, even though tired from playing the full previous match still managed to amaze by scoring with simple plays. Dominic scoring basket after basket was on fire that day. We were falling behind the first quarter, scores close but in the third quarter the tables turned. We pulled away and scored 18 points while the other team only 4. Here the fate of the game was decided. Finally in the fourth quarter we scored a whopping 34 points thanks to Dominic and Patryk’s steals and fast breaks and the other players defence. The buzzer rang and history was made. They will be the first junior boys’ basketball team from Coláiste Dun Iascaigh to go to the All-Ireland Semi Finals. After three years of trying, we’re going to Tallaght.
By Loredana and Dragosh Marginean.