Coláiste Junior Cert Students Excel. Leah strikes straight A’s

On Wednesday last, Coláiste Dún Iascaigh was buzzing with the fervour and anticipation of the Junior Cert results. As Mr. Creedon passed over the brown envelopes, anxious students queued patiently to open the results of three years hard work.
​There was overwhelming joy among the students. They converged on each other comparing who got what in which subject. There was a plethora of As in all subjects. Special attention was given to English as this is the last year that the subject was examined in its current format.
​While students at all levels excelled, special mention must go to Leah Brannigan who scored A’s in all ten of her subjects.  This was an exceptional result. Mr. Creedon praised the students and said that he was delighted that Coláiste students had done so well.  Mr. Creedon said that Leah’s results were a credit to her, her parents and her teachers.