Coláiste Boys are going to the Final

Team members: Dominic Mlynczak, Adrian Bernacki, Lukas Kairys, Patryk Goluszka, Ciarán Power, Dragosh Marginean, Patryk Kowaleski, Daniel Moga, Jack Conway, Ian Halpin, Dawid Merta, Mohammed Ismail.
On Wednesday the 3rd of February, the junior boy’s basketball team played against St. Geralds Castlebar in the All-Ireland Semi Finals, in Tallaght.  The boys had adrenaline flowing through their blood as they entered the NBA hall, and they were determined to win. They were going to give it their all and have no regrets. This is exactly what they did.  Dragosh Marginean, Lukas Kairys, Patryk Kowaleski, Mohamed Ismail and Jack Conway started off in the first Quarter and played with ferocity. Dragosh, Lukas and Mohamed defending the basket and taking the ball from their opponent time and time again. Patryk and Jack drove the ball to the basket and scored. At the end of the 1st quarter we were winning 8-6 points
During the second quarter the scores came closer and closer together. Dominik came on subbing for Mohamed and scored repeatedly. At the end of the second quarter the scores were tied 18-18 points. Castlebar were gritty and came back at the Coláiste. In the third quarter we were determined to create a gap between the scores. Mohamed came back onto the court subbing for Dragosh and we scored basket after basket leaving the final score at the end of the second quarter, 28-20points to us.
The final quarter was a gripping one. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. After losing Jack to five fouls, Dragosh came back on resuming his position. Our opponents crept up behind us and with 1:30 minutes left the scores were 32-30points to us. That minute and a half is one the junior boys’ basketball team will never forget. The Coláiste Dún Iascaigh supporters were on their feet roaring, chanting, hitting their bodhráns, hearts racing. Lukas, Dragosh, Dominik, Mohamed and Patryk defended their basket knowing that if the other team scored, it could be the end for them. The most nerve wrecking part of the last minute were the free throws our opponents got. Our supporters made as much noise as they could; our players held their breaths and luckily they missed both free throws. Now two seconds remained left in the game. The buzzer went off and we leapt to our feet, roaring and cheering. The players on the court hugged and cheered  in disbelief that they had won. Super coach, Damien Byrne was ecstatic. By the end of the game Dominik had scored 15 points, Patryk 6 points, Lukas 4 points, Jack 4 points and Mohamed 3 points. And so after three years of trying Coláiste Dún Iascaighs junior boys’ basketball team did not only make it to Tallaght; they’ve made it to the All Ireland Finals.
By Loredana Marginean